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If you are driving, plan to take a scenic route. Get off the major highways and take the old/historic roads - they usually lead you through national forests, monuments, or other beautiful sites this country has to offer.

AAA offers a a map of all of the gas stations along your route so you can plan accordingly. Be sure you get your oil changed and tires checked prior to leaving.

Google Maps offers a trip planner. You can add up to 10 locations to your route so you can properly plan and see what is around while you drive.


If you don’t have time to drive, or it isn’t a realistic option (for some coming in from Africa), then here are your options for flying. Salt Lake City, Denver, and Las Vegas are most likely going to be your cheapest flight option since it is an international airport.

Closest Airports:

Renting a car — If you fly into Salt Lake City, you can rent a car from one of the many onsite rental car companies. SLC Rental Car Info.

Where To Stay

We are staying in a home we found on VRBO in the Coyote Run neighborhood of Moab. If you'd like to stay near us, view the link below to find accommodations nearby.

View various options for accommodations in the sections below.


If you'd rather have a home-away-from-home experience there are a few sites that have plenty of rental options in Moab. Check the links below and adjust dates and number of people as necessary. Take some time to do some digging to find a place that suits your needs. Be sure to check out a map, then run it by Google Streetview to see if it looks good.

Where to look online:

If you're looking for a glamping style experience, check out Moab Under Canvas for a different style of stay.


On our last trip through Arches and Canyonlands NP we stayed a ways out of town in the cheapest hotel we could find. So below we have the top 10 Moab hotels as rated by trip advisor.

Nearby Hotels: