Schedule & Activity Recommendations

May 13 | May 14 | May 15

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6:30-8:30pm - Welcome Dinner — Hosted at Matthew’s Parents' Rental.

After-dinner Recommendation:


6:00am - Delicate Arch Sunrise Hike — The 3 mile roundtrip hike to Delicate arch is paid off with a spectacular close up experience of Utah's (and maybe the National Park Serivce's) most famous formation (pictured above). The hike is mildly strenuous and has a few moments to test those afraid of heights. You can find out more about the hike here.

During the day Recommendations:

5:15 PM - Guests Depart Rentals for The Windows Parking area in Arches National Park

5:50 PM - Arrive at The Windows Parking Area and hike to Double Arch

6:00pm - Ceremony at Double Arch — The walk to Double Arch takes about 5-10 minutes from the Windows Section parking lot. The Windows Section is located in the central area of the park just to the east of the main road. Access Double Arch from the north end of the parking lot. View a map of the park with parking info.

7:30 PM - Reception


9:30 - Hasta Luego Breakfast — Breakfast at Jeff & Matthew’s Rental